Dr. Marie Josée Berger
Dean, School of Education

B.Ed (U du Québec à Montréal), M.Ed., Ph.D. (Ottawa)

Dr. Berger served as Dean of Education at the University of Ottawa from 2002-12. Prior to that she was Director of the Ottawa Valley Centre of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (1994-2002). She also worked for many years as a teacher in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

Her research portfolio includes 14 books, 21 papers in referred journals, 34 monographs, 60 technical reports and 48 refereed conferences. Sources of funding for her projects include the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Council of Ontario Directors of Education, the Department of Human resources and Development Canada and the Fédération nationale des conseils scolaires francophones.

Office: NIC -301
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2401
Email: mberger@ubishops.ca

Dr. Avril Aitken
Associate Professor

B.Ed., M.Ed. (McGill), Ph.D. (Ottawa)

My work involves theorizing curriculum in teacher education, engaging in collaborative inquiry with educators in rural and remote communities, and inquiring into the identity-making venture of teachers – in particular its implications for the self, others, and change. I seek to understand the place of teacher education curricula in addressing critical global issues and in promoting democratic, diverse and sustainable communities.

Among other courses, I teach the final year Interdisciplinary Integrative Course; this involves future teachers in drawing on their previous learning experiences in the program and collaboratively considering the transformational possibilities of their practice, particular when framed in relation to social and environmental justice, equity, and sustainability.

I have a long relationship with the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach, with whom I worked as an educator for 16 years. Since 1997 I have collaborated with community members and the local school team on the Naskapi medium of instruction initiative. My interests in sustainable living and in the significance of Indigenous epistemologies and ontologies for teacher education are directly connected to this experience of teaching and collaboration.

I have been working in the School of Education since 2006; before coming to Bishop's, I collaborated with school and school board teams from across the province of Quebec on a range of initiatives related to changes in policy, program and practice.

Office: NIC-306
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2657
Email: aaitken@ubishops.ca

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Dr. Eva Mary Bures
Associate Professor

B.A. (Reed College), M.A., Ph.D. (Concordia)

Eva Bures has been an assistant professor at Bishop's since the fall of 2004 when she completed her dissertation work. She is also a faculty member of the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP), a research centre located in Montreal. She studied French literature as an undergraduate, earning a BA from Reed College (Portland, Oregon), and then studied educational technology at Concordia University, receiving her PhD in 2005. Her main interest is how to support innovative learning processes through computer-mediated communication ('talking via computers'), especially in small groups. In particular, she explores how to improve the quality of online dialogue and critical thinking, following a Vygotskian perspective. A true action researcher, this interest permeates her research and also her teaching, as her students who have become used to playing HipBone Games (and engaging in other unusual online activities) can attest to! She is currently working on a SSHRC-funded research project exploring how to improve the design of online systems to improve the quality of dialogue amongst university-level students. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Feenberg at Simon Fraser University and Dr. Philip Abrami at Concordia. She is also working on a project exploring how to assess electronic porfolios in K-8 in collaboration with Dr. Abrami and a team of researchers at the CSLP.

Office: NIC-308
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2614
Email: ebures@ubishops.ca


Dr. Anthony Di Mascio
Assistant Professor

B.A., B.Ed., M.A. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Ottawa)

Dr. Di Mascio joined the School of Education in 2011.  After receiving a B.A. in History in 1999 and a B.Ed. in 2000, he began his teaching career as a secondary school teacher in Toronto.  While teaching, he went back to school to pursue an M.A. in Theory and Policy Studies in Education.  He continued his studies in History at the University of Ottawa, where he also taught courses as a sessional instructor.  He earned a Ph.D. in 2009, and went on to a research fellowship at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  Dr. Di Mascio specializes in the history of education, and his research concerns the origins and development of mass schooling in Canada.  His teaching interests are in the historical and theoretical foundations of education, and in using strengths-based approaches to teacher education.

Office: NIC-303
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2350
Email: anthony.dimascio@ubishops.ca

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Dr. Trevor Gulliver
Associate Professor

B.A. (Trent), M.A. (Leicester), Ph.D. (Ottawa)

Dr. Gulliver became a professor in the School of Education in 2009. Before coming to Bishop's, he taught English as a Second Language in South Korea and Canada and worked on numerous language teacher professional development projects with teachers from around the world. He is excited to be involved in the growth of the new BA Double Major in English Second Language Teaching and Secondary Education offered through the School of Education.

Dr. Gulliver is interested in issues of power and identity in language learning and teaching. His doctoral research explored constructions of national identity in ESL textbooks used in Canada.

Office: NIC-304
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2930
Email: trevor.gulliver@ubishops.ca

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Dr. Corinne Haigh
Assistant Professor

B.A. (Mount Allison), M.A., Ph.D. (University of Western Ontario)

Dr. Haigh became a professor in the School of Education in 2010. She received her B.A. (Hons.) in Psychology from Mount Allison University and then went on to complete her graduate work at the University of Western Ontario, in the areas of Educational and Cognitive Psychology. She recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University and the Centre for Research on Language, Mind, and Brain, where she led a project investigating literacy development in elementary school students in French Immersion programs, with a particular emphasis on children at-risk for difficulty with decoding, reading comprehension, or a combination of these skills. Dr. Haigh teaches in the area of special needs education, and gives courses on individual differences, educational psychology and the psychology of reading.

Office: NIC-207
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2370
Email: chaigh@ubishops.ca

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Betty Kreuger

B.A. (Saskatchewan) B.Ed (Saskatchewan) M.Ed (Bishop's)

Before coming to Bishop's, Betty worked as an elementary teacher in the Townships, an Educational Consultant in Nunavut, and for the last five years, the English Language Arts Consultant for the Eastern Townships School Board. During her time with E.T.S.B., she collaboratively worked on ways to effectively use one-to-one laptops to improve literacy outcomes and the design and implementation of an Early Intervention initiative at the kindergarten and cycle one level. Betty has been actively involved in Teacher Research for the last twelve years and has used its methodology to improve her practice.

Office: NIC-311
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2348
Email: bkreuger@ubishops.ca

Dr. Sunny Man Chu Lau
Assistant Professor

B.A. & M.A. (University of Hong Kong), M.Ed. (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Ph.D. (University of Toronto)

Dr. Sunny Man Chu Lau joined Bishop’s University in 2010 after completing her doctoral degree at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Specializing in second language education, she teaches mainly in the programme of the BA Double Major in English Second Language Teaching and Secondary Education. To enhance understanding of sociopolitical dimensions in second language learning, she introduced the course Critical Pedagogical Orientation to Second Language Teaching to promote culturally and linguistically responsive teaching. In 2012, she won the Founders’ Emergent Scholars Award, sponsored by the International Society for Language Studies and Language Studies Foundation, for her doctoral research on critical literacy with English language learners and her commitment to critical scholarship in language studies.

Her most recent research explores how collaboration between a French-as-a-second-language teacher and an English Language Arts teacher in engaging their students in critical inquiry helps promote students’ bi-literacy and critical literacy development. As she seeks dialogic approaches to theory-building, her chief focus is on collaborative classroom research with school partners. Further, she engages in ethnographic study in order to gain insights in how language is used. To prepare teachers for diverse learners, she conducts research on culturally responsive teacher education and migrant teacher preparation and integration. Before coming to Bishop’s, she worked with the York Catholic District School Board in Toronto in TESL teacher preparation‏, and worked with the teacher education programs at the University of Toronto. A long-time ESL teacher, she has designed and delivered curricula with specific purposes for English language learners across all levels, both overseas and in Canada.

Other courses Dr. Lau teaches include Reflective Practicum, Teaching English Grammar, Literature and Language Teaching, Teaching the Young Second Language Learner among others.

Office: NIC-108
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2385
Email: slau@ubishops.ca

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Dr. Darren Millington

B.A. (Bishop's), M.F.A. (UQAM), Ph.D.(Concordia)

Dr. Millington is Professor in the Department of Fine Arts and the School of Education, where he teaches primarily drawing, painting, collage; and the methods for the teaching of the arts to aspiring teachers. In 1988, he earned a BA (Fine Arts) from Bishops University, wherein his ongoing love for learning and teaching was instilled. In 1990, he earned an MFA from the Université du Québec à Montréal, with a specialization in drawing and painting. After many years of teaching at Dawson College, Bishop's University, and Champlain College, as well as exhibiting as a professional artist, Millington managed to synthesize these two passions and earned a Ph.D in Art Education from Concordia University in 2000. He joined Bishop's as a full-time faculty member in 2006. His interests are in the ongoing development of visual research in the studio and an ongoing examination of how students learn in the art studio environment.

Office: MOL-109
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2798
Email: dmilling@ubishops.ca


Dr. C. Darius Stonebanks
Full Professor, Education
Coordinator, Praxis Malawi

A Full Professor in the School of Education, Dr. C. Darius Stonebanks is a graduate of Concordia University (BFA, MAed) and McGill University (PhD). Having worked in schools, from Pre-K to CEGEP, his university lectures focus heavily on bringing theory into practice. A scholar in such areas of critical practice, indigenous studies, qualitative methodologies, ethics, cultural studies and Islamophobia, Dr. Stonebanks infuses these analyses into his lectures. He has authored James Bay Cree and Higher Education: Issues of Culture and Identity Shock and co-edited Teaching Against Islamophobia and the award winning Muslim Voices in Schools. On James Bay Cree and Higher Education, esteemed author and Order of Canada recipient, Boyce Richardson wrote, “A wise and courageous book on native students and higher education (…) I have seldom read a better account of why native students don't do well in non-native education".

The director of Praxis Malawi, since 2009 Dr. Stonebanks has organized multi-university, interdisciplinary place based learning endeavours in the rural region of Kasungu, Malawi, connecting social justice theory to practice (www.praxismalawi.com). He is also the Primary Investigator on the recently awarded three year SSHRC funded ethnographic research project examining the secular nature of Canadian public schools.

In the spring and summer, Dr. Stonebanks can usually be found doing field research, but in the fall and winter when he is not engaged in academic pursuits, he is usually “coaching” his beloved Montreal Canadiens through the television. Since his arrival at Bishop’s University in 2006, Dr. Stonebanks has also won the SRC Divisional Teaching Award twice and named an honourary member to the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Office: NIC-305
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2203
Email: cstoneba@ubishops.ca

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Dr. Lisa Taylor
Full Professor

Lisa K. Taylor is full professor in the School of Education, Bishop’s University. Her teaching and research  research explores pedagogical models of equity and social justice education addressed to forms of social diversity emerging from colonization, globalization and transnational flows. This encompasses multiliteracies, postcolonial TESOL, and transnational feminist literary criticism. Grounded in decolonial, feminist, antiracist, and cultural studies, in psychoanalytic and post-reconceptualization curriculum theorizing, her more recent research explores the ethical, psychic and pedagogical dynamics of pedagogies of remembrance (Roger I. Simon) that seek to learn from historical memory of violence, genocide and injustice, and mobilize affective and aesthetic engagement in building an activated public sphere. Current projects focus on decolonizing teacher education curriculum through pedagogies of witnessing in dialogue with Indigenous educators’ frameworks of story and relationality. She is co-editor with Jasmin Zine of Muslim Women, Transnational Feminism and the Ethics of Pedagogy (2014, Routledge).

Office: NIC-307
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2344
Email: ltaylor@ubishops.ca

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