BCI Card (Formerly “CREPUQ Card”)

Formerly known as the “CREPUQ card”, the BCI card allows Bishop’s Faculty, graduate students and staff borrowing privileges from University libraries across Canada (subject to certain restrictions). Simply present your BCI card and your University ID card to any participating library and you will be granted temporary borrowing privileges. To learn more, visit the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

BCI card for undergrads: A Bishop’s undergraduate student currently registered in a regular program and whose status with the library is in good standing, may obtain a special undergraduate BCI card, allowing borrowing privileges from participating Quebec libraries. Click here to learn more (see page 7 for list of participating libraries).

A BCI cardholder must respect the regulations in force at the library they are visiting, especially those concerning fines or other charges.

If you are a patron in good standing and wish to obtain a BCI card, email Daniel Bromby or call 819-822-9600 ext. 2407.