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Funding Possibilities

Green Levy
Each semester $2.50 of your student fees goes towards a fund to complete Sustainability projects on campus. The Green Levy is open to students from all fields of study.
Don’t be intimidated by filling out application forms, simply come to an SDAG meeting or meet with the SDSI to propose your idea, and get support with the next steps. Take control of your money and brainstorm some ideas!

Green Levy application form.

Visit the Sustainability and Environmental Actions at Bishop’s Website for more information and learn of past Green Levy projects.

Use your creativity and passion to help make Bishop's University more sustainable.

B.E.S.T. (Bishop’s Experiential or Service Term) Projects Fund
The BEST project fund was established to encourage student initiatives with the support of a mentor. This fund provides an opportunity for students to pursue independent projects relating to their field of study while developing leadership skills and unearthing their future career paths.

The possibilities for funding are endless! Past student Adam Bond realized a Carbon Park Environmental Impact Assessment in 2011, and gave an interactive presentation of his results.

Take control of your liberal BU education and start exploring how you can achieve your goals, broaden your thinking and become an active global citizen with the help of the BEST fund.

Students and Clubs

Sustainable Development Action Group (SDAG)

SDAG is a student-based sub-committee of the Sustainable Development Committee, and is run by the Sustainable Development Student Intern. Our purpose is to:

  • provide a forum for student, faculty and staff ideas;
  • to connect those parts of Bishop’s University administration affected by these ideas;
  • and to foster the realization of initiatives relating to sustainable development on the Bishop’s University campus.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, comments or are interested in becoming part of SDAG. SDAG Website.

B.U. Environment Club (BUEC)

The B.U. Environmental Club seeks to improve environmental sustainability at Bishop’s through awareness education, work with the SRC and the SDAG, and specific action campaigns and projects.

If you have questions, comments, or are interested in getting involved with BUEC visit the BUEC Facebook page.

An interactive discussion panel during Eco-Week, organised by BUEC.


Join motivated, eco-conscious individuals in living a more environmentally sustainable life in residence. Our ECO Floor has enjoyed experiences which include Soup & Speaker nights, bike trips around the Eastern Townships, visits to the local farmers' market and educating other residents on the BU compost program.

Each year, the ECO Floor residents have the ability to expand the goals of their community and make it their own. For more information, see the Eco-Floor section of the Residence Website.

Gaiter Gears

The SRC in collaboration with Residence and Conference Services is thrilled to announce that Gaiter Gears is back and better than ever. Thanks to the Green Levy Fund, 8 brand new, light-weight bicycles have been purchased to help make this summer an eco-friendly adventure. The Green Levy fund allows for student-run initiatives promoting sustainability to be carried out on campus with the hope that it will give back to the community.
These bikes are officially available for renting. With the bridge closed, there’s no reason not to take a ride down one of the beautiful trails to the farmer’s market or challenge yourself all the way to North Hatley for a jump in the lake (and an ice cream reward!).
The pricing is:
5$ for 3 hours
8$ for 8 hours
15$ for 24 hours
25$ for 48 hours
50$ for 7 days
Swing by Residence Services located in Paterson Hall to pick out a bike, a lock, and a purple helmet.

Visit the Tourism Eastern Townships Website for trail ideas, or simply get geared up and explore!


Take advantage of the outdoors this winter with snowshoes. Many trails on and off campus will allow you to discover the winter wonderland surrounding Bishop’s University. Rent a pair of snowshoes at the sportsplex. See the Recreation Website for contact information, hours, and pricing.

Visit the Tourism Eastern Townships Website for trail ideas, or simply bundle up and explore!

Students enjoying snow shoeing in the quad during the Annual Winter Snow Jam.

Bishop's University Community Garden

The Bishop’s Community Garden is available to all students and community members free of charge.  From Spring to Fall, the green house and plots of land are available for growing flowers, fruits and vegetables. All gardening equipment can be found on the site, simply contact us for more information on borrowing garden space and putting that green thumb to use! The community garden is located behind C4 on the campus map.

Lennoxville Farmers' Market

Come mingle and chow down with the Eastern Township community on a lovely Saturday by supporting local growers of the Eastern Townships region at the Lennoxville Farmer’ Market. Wonderful fruits, veggies and socializing to be had! Visit us on Facebook, or contact us at

Sustainable Development Student Intern (SDSI)

The intern’s purpose is to play a leadership role in promoting awareness of sustainable development and in the realization of sustainable development projects, activities and initiatives on Bishop’s Campus, particularly those emanating from the ‘grassroots’ (individual students or others).

Feel free to contact the SDSI intern if you have questions, comments or are interested in Gaiter Gears, Snowshoeing, the Green Levy, getting involved with SDAG, or have any sustainable ideas.

SRC Environmental Officer

The SRC environmental officer is responsible for ensuring sustainable practices within the SRC through working with groups, events and organizations to promote environmental awareness. They also act as a member of the Student Affairs Committee and the SDAG.

Feel free to contact the Sustainable Development Student Intern ( if you have questions, comments or are interested in the SRC’s sustainable initiatives.

Clean Community Officer

The Clean Community Officer is responsible for coordinating ‘Clean Ups’ to maintain a trash-free and environmentally friendly community and ensuring that the student body does not have a negative impact on the community of Lennoxville.

Feel free to contact the officer (to be appointed in September) if you have questions, comments or are interested in ‘Clean Ups’ in our community.

Not only do BU students grow gardens and celebrate together but they also tidy Lennoxville together. Volunteer with the Clean Community Officer to keep the streets glass and trash free!

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External Outreach

The Tierra del Fuego house. Everyone is welcome anytime of the year!
The Tierra del Fuego house.

Tierra del Fuego
This off-campus community resource center run out of a house on Church St. organizes and hosts many projects that fit the themes of sustainability. The centre encourages self-sufficiency through gardening, local eating, collective cooking, sewing, and other skill sharing (guitar lessons, yoga classes) and makes its resources (library, internet, computer, kitchen, and music room) available to the community on an open-house basis.

If you have questions, comments or are interested in getting involved with Tierra del Fuego, visit our Website or Facebook page or drop by to see us; we're located at 19 Church St.

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Students enjoying an interactive community dinner at Tierra del Fuego. Many student oriented community dinners are held by various groups throughout the school year.
Students at Tierra del Fuego