Policies and Committees

Bishop's University Sustainable Development Policy

Student ambition and action, and the assistance of the Sustainable Development Committee, have led to the creation of our very own Bishop’s University Sustainable Development Policy. This document demonstrates our commitment to improving our sustainability with adaptable, realistic and measurable targets regarding all three aspects of sustainable development: environment, economy and community.

Whether it’s the construction of a geothermal heating system to improve our energy efficiency, or the creation of Gaiter Gears to promote ecological transportation, Bishop’s University serves as a role model in the area of sustainable development.

Check out the policy to discover the actions we are taking to minimize our negative impact on our environment whilst integrating sustainability all throughout the Bishop’s campus.

Statutes of Bishop's University Section 2
Talloire's speech
Talloires Declaration
Recognition of the Talloires Declaration
Bishop's University Environmental Policy, 2003
Bishop’s University Environmental Policy, 2013
Le développement durable à l'Université Bishop's
Sustainability audit for Bishop's University campus 2011, Amanda Hamel
Report Summary: Bishop's University Campus Sustainability Audit June 2008. Conducted and presented by Daphne D. Fisher
Environmental audit report, 2006

Organic Gardening

The spring Organic Gardening classes flourishing corn at the BU Community Garden.

"Learning to live within the limits of planet Earth in justice and in peace is the fundamental challenge of the twenty first century."

Dr. Peter Victor
(Guest lecture, 2012)

Sustainable Development Committee

The Sustainable Development Committee consists of an enthusiastic assembly of student representatives, faculty, staff, the Senior Administration and the Board of Governors dedicated to directing positive growth throughout the Bishop's campus.
The committee is responsible for ensuring that policies are in place regarding the sustainable use and development of the campus, as well as standards for the construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and restoration of the University’s facilities.
All of the committees meeting minutes, reports and external documents have been made readily available for you to explore and become familiar with.

The Sustainable Development Committee acts as tool for introducing and implementing ideas and innovation at Bishop’s University.

Energy Efficiency Action Plan, 2008
Report on sustainable development at Bishop's university, 2009
Sierra Youth Coalition-rapport des campus durable, 2008
Summation of results from Spring 2005 Campus Master Plan Survey

SDC has opinion about new road project near the campus:

Proposed highway plan map
Executive Committee Motion passed 23 January 2009 – Future Extension of Autoroute 410
Mémoire Contournement sud de l’agglomération de Sherbrooke dans le prolongement de l'autoroute 410
Extrait des Procès-Verbaux du conseil d’arrondissement de Lennoxville

Sustainable Development Action Group (SDAG)

The SDAG is a student-based sub-committee of the SDC, chaired by the SDSI. This group hosts meetings as a forum for student ideas and projects relating to sustainability, and then to connect those parts of Bishop’s University administration affected by these initiatives.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, comments or are interested in becoming a part of SDAG.

The BU Rock climbing club frequents Orford Park.
Orford Park

Sustainable Development Student Intern (SDSI)

The Sustainable Development Student Intern (SDSI) acts as a liaison between students ideas and opinions, with faculty and administration.

This position aids motivates and educates the student body with regard to positive sustainable development initiatives.  They represent the student community within the Sustainable Development Committee and the Sustainable Development Action Group.

SDSI Reports:

SRC Sustainable Development Policy

The Bishop’s University Student Representative Council (SRC) has developed a similar SRC Sustainable Development Policy to demonstrate their dedication to making their operations as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. This involves taking action in the promotion and implementation of sustainable initiatives, and the improvement of the environmental state of our campus.

Explore the policy for more details on how they are achieving their ecological goals.